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Mistakes? I've made a few...

If you've wanted to try a DVD of sumo but were unsure of the quality or even if it would work in your DVD player, this is your chance to try one for US$8, shipping included. At this price, sorry I can't give you a choice of what you get: this will be first come, first served. These are NOT "coasters" as damaged or unplayable disks are called. They are simply overruns or mistakenly labeled. Feel free to send me e-mail or purchase with Paypal here.


Orders for 2017 Kyushu Basho

English language audio provided unless otherwise specified
November 2017 only
DVD Highlights
a selection of bouts from the first day, then subsequent bouts bearing on the yusho
Days 12-15
the final four days of the tournament on two DVDs
Complete 8 DVD set
NHK's sumo broadcast from 16.30 to 18.00 each day of the basho, with some additional programming if available. Disks come in a binder page for easy storage
Deluxe 15 DVD set
NHK sumo broadcast from 16.00 to 18.00, each day on a single DVD at full NTSC resolution and maximum data rate, presented in a lightproof case

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